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Yes. We do. We have been to RI, NY, NJ, CT, VT, ME, NH, VA, PA, FL,CA. Contact us for the quote. The price depends on the distance, date, and move size.

We are good at Great Boston Area local moving, college students moving, residential moving, assembly & disassembly furniture.

We offer free recyclable mattress protectors and moving blankets. We also sell various sizes of moving boxes at $8 each and one time use mattress protectors at $15 each.

Yes. We can. Ask your apartment for COI sample and send to us. We will fill it out.

Our storage is 24 hours temperature-controlled and dust free environment. You can choose either shared or the private storage space. Storage fee as low as $80/month. Actual price depends on the size of your stuff. 


Without the elevator, we charge stair climbing fee at $20/floor/hour,  if you live on 2nd floor and above . For example, 2nd floor= additional $20/hour, 3rd floor=additional $40/hour, 4th floor= additional $60/hour.

Yes. We can pick them up and deliver to your apartment. We also provide assembly service.

Yes. We do. Please contact us for discount or coupon.

有的。 我们提供跨洲搬家服务。我们去过RI, NY, NJ, CT, VT, ME, NH, VA, PA, FL,CA. 请联系我们获取估价。

我们提供免费的环保床垫套和搬家毯子保护家具。 我们也有各种尺寸搬家纸箱 $8/个, 或各种尺寸一次性床垫套$15/个。





新旧家没有电梯的情况下,爬楼费是每层$20/小时。比如,住二楼,每小时加$20,;住三楼,每小时加$40; 住四楼,每小时加$60,由此类推。


loading dock 是公寓为了便于管理,专门给租客提供搬家或卡车卸货的地方,可能会在公寓车库里。搬家前,需向公寓管理处提前预定位置。

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